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Why is data parsing needed?

Why is data parsing needed? To develop a strategy for SEO-promotion of a particular resource and optimize it for operation in different regions, it is necessary to have comprehensive and diverse information. Collecting it manually is problematic, as it requires processing a vast amount of resources and making numerous comparisons. Often in practice, the prolonged collection of data leads to its obsolescence, rendering the efforts futile. Data parsing is what allows you to automate these tasks and obtain accurate and reliable information promptly. In practice, it enables you to perform:

  • Competitor analysis, namely collecting information about the products they sell and their prices, the advertising campaigns they are currently running, etc.
  • SEO-promotion, particularly automating the collection of semantic core, identifying mistakes, analyzing search results;
  • Launching advertising targeted initially at a specific audience, finding potential platforms for its placement;
  • Filling websites with content, especially when a large volume of information is required;
  • Analyzing competitors' social networks, studying their comments, hashtags, content, identifying material that most interests your target audience;
  • Performing comprehensive analytics by integrating the parser with the necessary platform, compiling data about the budget of an advertising company, checking deal effectiveness, reducing the payback period.

Parsing programs operate in automatic mode. Initially, you need to specify in the settings the parameters you want to collect. The system then works independently and provides you with results in the form of a report or table. As a result, you get a database that can be used subsequently to check the effectiveness of previously launched solutions and develop future strategies.

However, despite the considerable number of advantages, the use of parsing programs is not entirely straightforward. Currently, such tools are considered "grey area." If the system detects their use, it may apply certain sanctions or completely ban your work. Moreover, these tasks imply multi-threaded actions, which also cause dissatisfaction on the part of anti-fraud systems and lead to restrictions being applied to you. Another problem you may encounter in data parsing is the lack of access to certain resources, which are legally blocked in a particular region at the time. Thus, if you need to collect information from websites in other countries, you physically cannot do it due to lack of access.

To avoid these restrictions and problems, mobile proxy servers are used. They replace your real user data with their technical parameters, particularly IP addresses and geolocation. This means you can work in multi-threaded mode without fear of being banned or facing other restrictions and access sites from any country in the world. Thanks to mobile proxies, your data parsing tasks will be maximally efficient, fast, and convenient. You can individually configure exactly the parameters for collecting information that you need in the work process. Also, the human factor is excluded, and therefore all the errors associated with it. As a result, the budget for promoting the resource is well saved, and the results exceed expectations.

Parsing helps you collect data on products available on competitors' websites and their prices, select the semantic core, compile a target audience and contacts directly, analyze search results, getting a clear picture of the effectiveness of all those companies for website promotion that you launched earlier and not only. But again, we want to draw your attention to the fact that you cannot do without reliable mobile proxies in this process.

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising by regions When promoting a website, as well as directly products and services, a specialist needs to have complete information about how the advertising campaigns they launched work in a particular region and evaluate their effectiveness. That is, so-called geotargeting is used. With its help, you will be able to analyze the work of advertising in a particular region, which will allow you to more intelligently distribute the budget, direct more funds to where you can get the best result. Also, with geotargeting, you will be able to identify those regions where your advertisement should not be shown in principle. This is a very convenient and effective solution because why waste money on advertising in regions where your product is not provided a priori.

Thus, geotargeting is what will allow you to increase the profitability of investments in advertising and monitor its effectiveness with reference to a particular region. Optimize your work settings with a series of recommendations:

  • Regularly review data on the effectiveness of the launched campaign in a particular region. Having such statistics, you will be able to find out whether your advertisement appeared in a particular city, what effect was observed from its use in different regions. That is, you will see in which direction you are completely uninterested. And this means that you can simply exclude it from your advertising campaign and thereby minimize your campaign expenses.
Regularly redistribute the budget by regions. We have already talked about the fact that in one country and even a city, the effectiveness of launched advertising can be different. And here the issue may not only be that you did something better for one city than for another. Often the problem is that the potential audience is simply not interested in the goods or services you offer them. That is, you will be able to identify the most promising directions for further work, increase bids at the level of key words, and optimize the budget so that as many impressions as possible are displayed in promising cities. If necessary, you can also create a separate advertising campaign that will work in regions where low effectiveness was identified, but at a lower rate.

  • Consider the specifics of the region when composing advertising texts. You need to show the audience the uniqueness of your trade offers for a particular city. These could be discounts on a certain group of products, additional services, extended warranties, and anything else that can interest local consumers.
  • Create a separate landing page for each region. This way, you can redirect users to the pages that are most relevant to them. As a result, they won't have to spend time looking for the information they need, which will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and help you increase your sales level.
  • Be sure to indicate the address of the representative office in a particular region if you have one. This is especially relevant if you are working through Google Ads. Not all modern consumers prefer online shopping. Some still prefer to walk through stores, check the goods before buying them. Moreover, the presence of a city address on the site automatically increases the level of trust from potential buyers. Also, if you specify addresses on objects, you can launch targeting for these areas and within a certain radius around them. Subsequently, using a bid multiplier, you can set different indicators for a particular region, making your advertising settings more flexible and saving money on it.
  • Confidently exclude from consideration those regions where the effectiveness of your advertising is low. If you see that the conversion from the launched advertising in a certain city is low, immediately exclude these areas from the target list. Similar actions should also be taken if you notice that traffic to your site comes from regions that do not satisfy you for various reasons. As you can see, geotargeting allows you to take into account many factors in your work, as well as increase the individuality of the launched advertising and its effectiveness. You will always be aware of all changes and be able to react to them instantly, step by step achieving the set goal. But still, you will not be able to perform these tasks without mobile proxies today. Physically, you will not be able to move through all the regions of Russia or other countries of the world to launch each of the advertising companies. With mobile proxies, you will sit at home or in the office, but the system will identify your work as if from the "right" region, city. This can be done by selecting the appropriate geolocation in your personal account. That is, you worked with one region, then changed the display of your location on the network to another, and already launch advertising for another city or check its effectiveness.